Oliver Sudden - 10 Year Mixtape [Mix CD + Sticker] [revorgrecords-mixcd-00001]

Oliver Sudden - 10 Year Mixtape [Mix CD + Sticker] [revorgrecords-mixcd-00001]

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-Track List-

1 - Keep Smiling
Taken from The Slog
(Dhobi Records 2008)
Produced by Blue Movies.

2. British Summer
Taken from The Vintage Fly EP
(Indy release 2009)
Produced by The Lazy Technician

3. One More Day ft. Jak Danz
Taken from Vintage Fly II
(Indy release 2011)
Produced by The Lazy Technician

4. Reaching Out
Taken from The Shutdown EP
(BBP Recordings 2012)
Produced by Steady

5. We Have A Go
Taken from Deliver Sound E.P
(Indy Release 2012)
Produced by Oliver Sudden

6. Layin it Down
ft. Zeps & Benny Diction
Taken from Waste Not Want Not
(Starch Music 2012)
Produced by Ill Move Sporadic

7. Come Correct
Taken from Phenomenal Steaz
(BBP Recordings 2012)
Produced by Purpose

8. Move To The Front
Taken From the joint LP
with Luca Brazi - B.O.M.B
(BBP Recordings 2013)
Produced by Luca Brazi

9. Word Burns
W/ Sirplus & Datkid
Taken from The Heisenberg EP
(Revorg Records 2014)
Produced by Strange Neighbour

10. The Buccaneer
Taken from Phenomenaler Steaz
(BBP Recordings 2015)
Produced by Sam Zircon

11. Life Aquatic
Taken from Today You Pay
(Indy release 2016)
Produced by Oliver Sudden

12. Kids Of The Summer
Taken from Vintage Fly 3
(Indy Release 2016)
Produced by The Lazy Technician

13. Wounds
Taken from Preservatives
(BBP Recordings 2017)
Produced by Steady

14. Duck
Taken from the Gatecrasherz
LP - Uninvited
(Revorg Records 2017)
Produced by Geebag

15. Loaded Weapon
Taken from Not The Same
(Blackfriars Records 2018)
Produced by Curt Cataract

16. Shtill Down
Taken from Stunning Selection
(Indy release 2018)
Produced by Dj Buzzword


発売国 UK (イギリス) | EUROPE (ヨーロッパ)
仕様 Mix CD/ステッカー付/新品/未使用(元からシールドの無い仕様)
入荷日(再入荷日) 2019/03/30
発売年 (レコーディング/オリジナル発売年) 2019
レーベル Revorg Records
ジャンル ヒップホップ/ラップ/イギリス/ヨーロッパ/ハードコア/コンシャスラップ/2000's/2010's/アンダーグランド/ブーンバップ/ジャジー/ミックステープ/コンピレーション/試聴可能