Debonair P - Debonair Blends 6 [MIX CD] [gentleman'sreliefrecords-mixcd-00008]

Debonair P - Debonair Blends 6 [MIX CD] [gentleman'sreliefrecords-mixcd-00008]

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COMMENT <コメント>

Underground Early〜Mid 90's Hip Hop [90年代初期〜中期](1992年から1994年)のみが収録されたノンストップ・アングラヒップホップのミックスCD!

ヒップホップのコレクターやマニアが90's Underground Hip Hopのカセットやレコード等のアナログ媒体に群がる理由を、作品を通して伝えてくれる教科書的シリーズ作品



TRACK LIST <トラックリスト>

01–Society - F.U.N.K
02–Jemini - Brooklyn Kids (Remix)
03–B.U.M.s - Take A Look Around (VR Remix)
04–Showbiz & AG - I'm Not The One (Remix)
05–YG'z - Ghetto Celeb
06–Boogiemonsters - Honey Dips In Gotham (Remix)
07–Dredknotz - Respect
08–Black Moon - Murder MC's
09–Ground Floor - One Two
10–Big Shug - Do What Pays Ya
11–Black Sheep - North East South West (Remix)
12–Artifacts - Dynamite Soul II
13–Heavy D - It's A New Day
14–Youngstas - Mad Props (Remix)
15–The Roots - Distortion To Static (Remix)
16–Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Take You There (Remix)
17–Cella Dwellas - Land Of The Lost (Instrumental)
18–Scientifik - Yeah Daddy
19–Dirt Nation - Khadijah
20–K Terroribul - Ruthless Confrontation
21–Microphone Prince - Trunk Of Funk (Remix)
22–Pudgee - Keep Your Coat On
23–Da Bush Babees - Remember We (Remix)
24–Red Hot Lover Tone - Give It Up (Remix)
25–N-Tense - Watch His Back
26–Thrust - Do You Understand
27–Ghetto Concept - E-Z On The Motion
28–Kay Gee - U.N.I.T.Y (Instrumental)
29–Rakim - Last Resort
30–Grand Daddy IU - The Real Mack
31–Capital Tax - Tha Masha (Remix)
32–Shadz Of Lingo - Think I Give A F*ck?
33–People Without Shoes - Green Shoelaces (Instrumental)
34–Masta Ace - Sittin On Chrome (Pitkin Ave Remix)
35–Fat Joe & Grand Puba - Watch The Sound (Remix)
36–Evil Twinz - Redrum
37–Alkaholiks - Relieve Yourself
38–Beatnuts - Hellraiser (Remix)
39–Zhigge - Riddles That Rap,Riddles That Rhyme
40–Top Quality - I Can't Hear You
41–MC Shan - Pee Nile Reunion
42–Brothers Uv Da Blackmarket - Livin In Da Bottle
43–Urban Thermo Dynamics - My Kung Fu (Remix)
44–Souls Of Mischief - Get The Girl
45–EC - Ill State Of Mind
46–Ubad - The Legacy
47–Slick Rick - Cuz It's Wrong
48–Edo G - Less Than Zero
49–De' 1 & K-Def - Uneke
50–Main Source - Where We're Coming From
51–Juice With Soul - Body Armor
52–Digable Planets - Where I’m From (Aural G Ride)
53–Ali Dee - Tap Skinz (Remix)
54–Hard 2 Obtain - Ghetto Diamond
55–Rough House Survivors - Rough House (Remix)
56–Trendz Of Culture - Crotch Ripper / Mad Speaker
57–Kurious & Casual - What's The Real
58–UMC's - Staten Island Comes First
59–Double X Posse - Executive Class
60–Intelligent Hoodlum - At Large (Marley Mix)
61–Madkap - Proof Is In The Puddin' (Remix)
62–A.D.L. - Daddy
63–Da King & I - Kingpin
64–Hansoul Project - For The Ni@@as
65–Jaz B Latin - Set It Off (Mista Lawnge Mix)
66–Lil Fame - Bring The Rukus
67–Dred Scott - Can't Hold Back
68–Main Source - Faking The Funk (Remix)


Debonair Blends 6


発売国 AUSTRALIA(オーストラリア) | USA(アメリカ)
仕様 10mmケース/カラージャケット/ジュエルケース/盤面印刷/新品未開封(シールド)
入荷日(再入荷日) 2016/02/16
発売年 (レコーディング/オリジナル発売年) 2010
レーベル Gentleman's Relief Records []
ジャンル ヒップホップ/ラップ/アンダーグランド/Early 90's/Mid 90's/ブーム・バップ/ノンストップ/オーストラリア/DJ Mix/試聴可能